Traits of identity
Ma Carmen, born in L’Espluga de Francolí, has been working  with stained glass windows for over a decade both restoring and creating them. She discovered this technique thanks to a Swiss teacher from whom she acquired a lot of knowledge. She is also qualified to use leaded windows, the girsaille techinque, fusion, moulds and works in three dimensions- currently she is one of the few people in the province who is able to carry out these techniques.

Ma carmen working on one of her creations at her workshop in Blancafort.

She creates artístic and innovative stained glass windows appropriate to each case where the owner can collaborate in the design and, in this way, take part in the creation of a work of art. Her frield of work is very broad: religious stained glass windows, artístic, modernist, in the“grisaille” style, leaded, panes of glass for doors or windows and glass lighting.  She also creates works of larger dimensions to great technical perfection. She has more than a hundred works to her name.

A passion which unites two generations
For some time Ramon, Mª Carmen´s son, has been learning the art of stained glass windows and now they work together in her workshop.

100% involvement in the whole process
We take care of all the details from designing to putting the final work in place.Thanks to the training acquired over the years and high standards maintained while working, the end product is very good and satisfies the customer.

Several stained glass windows light up the provinces of Tarragona and Lerida.
Over the years, diferent town councils within these provinces, like for exemple L`Espluga de Francoli, Montblanc, La Guardia dels Prats, Blancafort, Solivella, Conesa, Les Piles, Ollers, Vilaverd, Tarragona, Constanti, Llorens..have called on Ma Carmen to create several stained glass windows with the Tiffany technique, which can only be described as a unique route of stained glass windows through the province.

Vitrall Porrera
Vitral Porrera